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FPR 2008 Coming Up Soon!

 Don't forget, the Florida Poly Retreat is coming up March 27-30!  We have a great retreat planned.  Anita Wagner is our keynote speaker (check her out at http://www.practicalpolyamory.com), and we have some awesome presentations scheduled on things like:

~Polyamory & Paganism
~Polyamory & Christianity
~Polyamory & GLBT
~Practical STD Management
~Communications Strategies

along with some repeats and expansions of previous favorites like workshops on:

~Meyers-Briggs Type Indicators
~The Hero's Journey
~Tantric Harmony

Plus much more! 

We also have a bunch of social events for everyone to enjoy, such as our bonfire (tended by our resident Firemen) and drumming every night, nature paths, and a clothing-optional pool (the only clothing-optional area on site).  Florida weather in March is really quite moderate, and is an especially nice break from the slush and the cold from up North.  A long weekend break in Central Florida is just the thing for people busy with work and tired of winter!

Also, the library and media room (with poly-themed movies available to watch), and the main hall will have coffee, juice and water all day for easy socializing and just taking a break. 

We also just opened a Cafe Press store where you can get some great FPR merchandise!  All the proceeds go back into FPR to make your retreat experience even better!  Check us out at http://www.cafepress.com/floridapolyretr for all sorts of stuff!

There are still campsites and cabins available, so register soon before they're all filled up!  And if anyone is interested in giving a presentation, workshop, or being part of a panel discussion, there is still room alongside of our already-fabulous lineup of presenters!  Contact presentations@floridapolyretreat.com for more info and ask about the Presenter Price Break!

Can't wait to see ya'll there!

FPR 2008 Staff

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